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Armour’s main purpose in manufacturing

“Aluminum” horse stall components is to provide a high quality ,durable, safe environment for horses of all breeds .

Our staff is a group of dedicated and talented men and women who are serious about your particular barn or stable and provide complete customer service from the first contact to the final delivery and installation of each order.


Our staff members are experienced in every aspect of building stalls whether your structure is Concrete Block , Lumber , Metal Building or a combination of any of those three. ARMOUR has been one of the leaders in our field for the past 22 years and have introduced  many unique , innovative products which are presently available.


Our customers deal FACTORY DIRECT and can be assured that their needs will be met regarding the specific requirements of their order whether it be a single stall or a multi-stall structure. 


We manufacture all our components here in our shop located in Deland, Florida  and we do not have “distributors” or sales staff hired on a “commission basis” which would increase the cost of our product line. No middle man  !


All our Doors are sold WITH the necessary hardware and fasteners for installation and is included in the price of our units . NO HIDDEN COSTS !


We furnish all the Necessary Hardware for our doors and stall components to insure a trouble free installation . No unnecessary trips to the hardware store for bolts or nuts.


Armour has pioneered the “hidden-weld” procedures you find in all our components. This means your doors and grilles will not be delivered to you with “unsightly weld or grind marks on your finished products.”


Our picket materials are one eighth inch thickness minimum which allows a proper weld to be applied in the necessary areas. There are others that ship loose pieces of a much thinner gauge material that would not withstand a proper weld due to the possibility of burning through the areas being joined.


We are among the “few” manufacturers who weld the components together at our plant in accordance with “your” measurements provided or a stock size can be ordered .  We ship your order to you ready to install “fully assembled”  no boxes of loose jangling pieces in order to construct a grille or a door before it can be installed..


We not only manufacture the stalls you see on our website and throughout our catalogs .. We have experience in physically “installing” every component viewed.  We strive to meet the needs of discriminating horse persons who wish to provide a stall which meet this criteria .


Armour has pioneered the “one inch” between bar space in sliding stall doors which will provide an extra margin of safety for small hooves of foals or minis. Our “Coolbreeze” Doors and Gates also feature a “center” channel brace at the lower area to further strengthen  this important area . 






If you have questions while viewing our horse stalls and product line,

please let us assist by calling 800-876-7706.


Armour horse stalls arrive assembled WITH all the necessary hardware for installation, NO hardware kits to purchase and NO product assembly upon arrival! Our horse stalls are simple and easy to install and arrive with detailed installation instructions and 24 hour technical advice.


We pioneered the "concealed weld" technique and use it throughout the manufacture of our horse stall product line. This insures the welded connection to be uncluttered and neat in appearance.


So whether you are looking for standard or special, call on us,

we’ve got something to meet your need!

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